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Open plan layouts are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. They’re used heavily in urban apartments where space is limited, and they can look great. However, if you’re used to a typical house with defined rooms, it can be a shock. While the open plan space is freeing and open, it’s tricky to create cosiness and warmth. So, what are your options? In this post, we’ll show you a few simple tips for open plan living. We’ll help you make the most of the space, and enjoy your open plan home.

Think colour and consistency

Your first job is tying the whole space together. In a traditional home, you can choose a different colour for each room. Here, things get a little trickier. Mismatched colours will clash in an open plan space, so you need a degree of consistency. You should also consider the lightness of the space. Our advice is stick to a simple neutral colour like cream. It might not seem like the most creative choice, but it will make the space work a lot better. Interior designers use this trick all the time, and use other details to introduce the colour.


There’s a similar consideration when you’re looking at the flooring. For instance, carpets are great for a living area, but not so great if they lead into the kitchen. If you’re looking for complete consistency, we suggest using polished wooden floors. They work in both a kitchen space and a living area. That way, you don’t need to break up the consistency. However, you can split the floors quite well too. Try a dark wood flooring in the kitchen, and contrast it with a cream coloured carpet in the living space. It forms a striking line.

Create zones

With less clear rooms to work with, you’ll want to create little pockets or ‘zones’. The kitchen, for example, forms it’s own little cooking zone. You can then create a cozy corner ‘zone’ in the living area for reading. You can also create a work ‘zone’ with a desk and computer. One alternative in the kitchen is creating a butler’s pantry. It’s a form of mini-kitchen that you can close off. Perfect if you’re looking to entertain guests, but keep the dirty dishes out of the way.

Smart storage

When you live in an open plan space, storage is incredibly important. Anything that is left out and untidy will quickly spoil the look and feel. What you need is a series of smart storage solutions and space saving tricks. Use long bookshelves to keep things off the floor, and hide away appliances in kitchen nooks.

Maximise natural light

Finally, you’ll want to consider the lighting throughout the open plan space. A long space is difficult to light artificially, so try to maximise as much natural lighting as possible. Keep your curtains well clear of the windows, and let the light flow through the space. Use large mirrors to bounce light around the room.

Embrace your open plan living space, and use these tips to make the most of it! Are you living in an open plan apartment? Let us know how you make it work!