The damage that a major sewer clog can do to a home can amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars. This is not to mention how nasty and icky the mess can be. The odor is one you will not soon forget. The faster you can diagnose and fix a major sewer clog, the better. Look for the early signs that a serious problem is happening and get the necessary fix done right away.

Backup of Sewage in the House

You and your entire family will have no doubt that there is a sewage clog if the toilets and sink drains all begin to bubble up with raw looking and smelling sewage. This is most likely to happen at a time of high water usage, such as when doing a load of laundry or more than 1 bathroom shower is being used at the same time. When a complete clog occurs all you can do is wade through the mess and call a professional.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

When drains periodically get clogged up, you see air bubbles arise and hear gurgling noises there is a pending clog problem that needs fixed. You might flush the toilet one day and all the water rushes into the bathtub. This is a tell-tale sign that there is a problem. You may not experience this problem every day, but it is a warning that disaster is about to strike.

Shut Off Water and Open Outside Sewer Trap Vent

When a complete clog seems to be happening shut the entire water system down. Relieving pressure on the system can prove helpful until a professional can arrive and assess the damage. Find the sewer trap outside and pull off the vent cover. This will allow water to flow outside instead of flooding your home. Most homes have these vent pipes a few feet from the back door.

Hire a Professional Plumber

A serious sewer main clog will require the services of an expert plumber to resolve. He may be able to access and perform a total sewer trap cleaning. It may require even more extensive surgical precision work to clear the clog. There are new trenchless methods that will make the job a lot less expensive than ever before.

Contact a plumbing expert like the ones at if you suspect there is a sewer pipe clog. Get the problem fixed right at a price you can afford!

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