A room, that lives with lots of hustle bustle, cheers and laughter, colors popping and dashing, everything about it kindling a familiar aura of jocular congeniality. With

Accent wall can whisk out the monotony of monochromatic theme of walls in our home. This way you get a liberty to play with colors and enjoy a tinge of drama, romance, sexiness, or serenity as per the tone, texture and pattern you chose to accent your wall. You can add a personal touch to your abode that can, in fact, bring the whole ambiance together.

  •  Paint a wall will accent colors in deeper or bolder tones to accentuate the walls without making the contrast overbearing. But do not overdo with the splash of colors by using the same accent in every wall. This may not gel with the tone and tenure of your room.
  •  Ohh!! So you want a little less fuss and no more greasy and gooey colors splashing around the furniture or on the rugs and no stains messing up with other articles in your living room getting. Well you can chose a quite a life saving option- Wallpapers!! These add the required appeal to your room and give it the touch and texture of a thoughtful decoration and designing.
  •  If you are vary of getting walls accented with tints of bold colors,  and neither do you want to smear paper patches no matter how elegant they look and yet want to break the monotony, try out the look with Curtains in the color you want to club in. This will be cheaper and completely mess free.

To enhance the appeal of the wall you can either tone it down with various wall hangings or simply add lights that deepen the ambiance.

As for the furniture, it is important to pick the type that suits your convenience and that fits in properly in a given space. Furniture should complement the scheme of colors in your living room and give a sense of livedness into the walled confines of your abode. The décor becomes cozy and complete when all the articles in your abode connect to each other and ooze a charming and inviting sense of congeniality.

Home décor is not a rocket science. It is just a reflection of your personality. Ideas are immense and you just have to flip over those omnipresent magazines or simply search over the net and a plethora of choices will fall flat in front of you. Just select and go for those that appeal to you.