Though many people assume that rain and wind can clean their roofs better than they can, you often need to take the time to clean your own roof. Algae and ivy growing on the roof can slip beneath your shingles and apply enough pressure that the shingles pop right off. Any mold growing on the roof can use openings on the surface to get inside your home and then spread to your kitchen and other rooms. There are a few key things that you can use to clean your roof and remove all those hazards.

Pressure Washer

If you have a home that features EPDM roofing, a pressure washer is an effective cleaning tool. Pressure washers consist of a large tank that uses water and a hose that comes out from one end. When you add detergent or soap, the washer mixes that liquid with the water. You can pull the attached trigger to release the cleaning solution and aim it where it needs to go. After rinsing out the washer, you can add more fresh water that you’ll use to rinse off any remaining soap.

Cleaning Chemicals

The best place to find cleaning chemicals that are suitable for roofs is in a home improvement store. These stores sell products designed to remove algae and other substances without damaging the roof. Though some people recommend using bleach because it kills mold and other natural substances, using bleach can weaken your roof shingles and kill any plants on your lawn because the liquid will spill down and over the sides of your house. Always take the time to rinse the roof with fresh water to eliminate any residue left behind.

Push Brush

While a pressure washer is a suitable tool for most flat and commercial roof types, it’s not always effective when it comes to standard residential roofs. If your home has any peaks or valleys on the roof, you should avoid using pressure washers because you cannot see exactly where the water goes. Even if you stand on the roof and use the pressure washer, you risk using a higher level of pressure that rips the shingles off the roof. A push brush with a scrubber on the end is the best option because you can scrub any algae, mold or mildew off your shingles. With these three products, you can effectively clean any type of roof.