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Moving out of your family home is a big next step. It’s exciting to be independent and have your own space. We can’t wait to decorate our new flat, and make it personal. But moving out on your own is expensive. Not only is there rent to pay, but the bills can come to just as much. Before choosing to move out for the first time, here’re eight questions you should ask yourself.

Can you afford it?

If you are planning to move out, you need to have your finances sorted so that you will be able to pay out for the rent and bills every month. To work out if you can afford it, you should sit down and write a list of everything that will need paying every month, and the date of when it has to be paid for. Include other payments you have to make every month such as a phone bill or car insurance of your love 2017 Hyundai Santa-fe. Also, if you are planning to go on holiday, or pay a lump sum out for something, keep a note of this. Also, you should put some money aside just in case an emergency occurs. Once you have it all written out, you can see the amount that will be going out every month. Consider if you can afford this on your own, or whether or not you should stay at home with your ‘rents. You don’t want to get in a position where you get behind paying bills, and end up having to get a loan, so make sure to keep organized with your bills.

Are in a good job?

When considering whether or not you should move out, you need to think about your job. If you are in the early stages of your job, you should check if you are on probation. It tends to be three or six months, and could end up resulting in you leaving at the end of the period if it’s not working out. Decide if you are planning to stay in the job while you are living out on your own. You will unlikely to be in a position to leave if you have the rent and bills to pay. Try and be in a comfortable job before moving out.

Can you afford furniture?

Living on your own means you get to decorate your apartment to your style. It often means buying your own furniture to fill the place. But can you afford to buy your furniture? If you can’t, there are some ways around it. Why not use a second-hand bed till you can buy a new one. Also, if there isn’t much space, why not get a small chair rather than a sofa. You could even get a beanbag so that it won’t take up much space. Go through your stuff and decide what you can use, and what needs to go.

Are you ready to do your own cooking?

One thing that will be different from living at home is that you will be cooking for yourself. Are you ready to do your own cooking? You can’t rely on takeaways as this will be expensive! You need to ask your parents for tips before you move out. You can also buy some recipe books to follow when making meals for yourself. Try and look out for deals at the Grocery Store so that you are not spending too much. Buy in bulk so that you don’t have to go so often. You could always look into going to a cooking class to learn more.

Will you live on your own?

Before moving out, you need to decide whether or not you are planning to live on your own. Some people need company around them and find it difficult to live by themselves. If you feel this might be the case, you could consider finding a flatmate. Ask your friends if any of them fancies moving out with you, or look online for people hoping to share in your area. Make sure you choose someone who you think you could live with. You don’t want to worry about them not bothering to pay their share, or not cleaning. If you decide to live on your own, you should make sure you are still social, so you don’t get too lonely!

Are you good at cleaning?

If you want to move out, you need to be prepared to clean up after yourself. To keep yourself organized, you should write a plan on what you need to do, and when you plan to do it. One good tip is to wash up straight after eating. If you put it on the side, it starts to pile up, and then you end up doing a day, or even two days’ worth of washing up. It’s important to keep it clean as your landlord could check at any time!

Will you miss your family too much?

Moving out of your family home is exciting as you want to be independent, and you may often argue with your parents. But will you miss them too much if you move out? A lot of people regret moving out so early as things are easier at home. Consider whether you are ready to give up your home comforts. Also, for your first home, you should not move too far away from them. You may need help, so it’s good to have them close by!

How long will you stay there?

Before moving out, you should decide how long you are planning to live in this property. If you are not sure how it will go, it might be worth telling the estate agent to go for six months, and then you can review it. If you feel like it should be longer, go for 12 months. If you are planning to be staying there a while, you need to choose an area which you like, and is convenient to get to work.

Make sure you look at a few properties to see which one you prefer before choosing one.