Reducing the household budget often includes finding ways to trim down the costs of running everyday appliances. The hot water heater is one that is rarely thought of but adds daily to the bills incurred each month. Below are six tips for reducing the costs associated with the water heater.

Lower the Heat Setting

Every hot water heater has a setting that allows you to adjust the temperature of the water coming out of the system. The more you lower this, the more money you will save. You do not really need to have scalding hot water, especially if there are children in the home. Keep it in a comfortably hot setting and enjoy savings.

Wash Hands In Cold Water

Washing hands with soap and water will kill germs. The temperature of the water is not helpful unless you are trying to get grease off of your hands. Cool and cold water generally does just as well and reduces your overall demand for hot water.

Use Cold Settings On Laundry

Laundry can be cleaned using regular cycles and cold water. Energy is lost by applying the hot setting for each and every load. Cool water with soap is all you need to get clean, fresh, nice smelling clothes. Adjust the water levels in accordance with the size of the load to help save on water as well.

Turn Off Shower to Lather and Shampoo

You can save the costs of heating water by turning off the shower as you lather up and shampoo your hair. This may only take a few minutes, but it can save literal gallons of hot water in the process.

Fix Hot Water Leaks Immediately

Leaking pipes and faucets can cost money in higher water bills, but there is an additional concern when the hot water is leaking. You are losing valuable water and the energy it took to heat the resource. Have these leaks fixed right away.

Get an Energy-Saver Water Heater

Older and cheaper water heaters rarely offer ay sort of energy savings. In fact, they can dig deep into the pocketbook with energy costs. It is worthwhile to invest in an energy-saving model. It will pay off in a few short years of consistent use.

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